Sandshade is a small port city in the province of Lyuksia. The city’s economy relies heavily on its impressive shipping industry. Located in an ideal spot for transporting goods to other mainland cities, Sandshade is recognized as a possible future metropolis.


Sandshade is run by a city council, whose members are appointed by a democratic vote, majority ruling. Every registered adult citizen of Sandshade can vote in the council elections, and the process is taken very seriously. Sandshade has prospered under this form of government, and people want to keep it that way.

The role of magic in government is also kept under firm control of the council, and the law states that no political leader can actively practice any form of magic. Advisers sometimes wield magical powers, and many political leaders seek the counsel of such mages. Their mysterious abilities often allow wizards and sorcerers to foresee things that rulers cannot, and thus they have valuable insight into various political matters.

The council of Sandshade distributes funds to educational programs, the town militia, transportation, and other expensive domains. The people of the city pay a yearly tax, which most people don’t mind, but a significant minority dread the day taxes are due, and will go to great lengths to dodge the collectors, from merely hiding to threatening to blackmailing. Militia efforts to stop tax dodgers have proved effective thus far, and the government continues to urge the guards to be on the lookout for any kind of embezzlement activities.


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